Monday, June 17, 2013

Fine Print

Ah, look, I'm back already.

My re-introductory post was listing like the Titanic towards the lengthy, so I had to cut off (dramatically) towards the end the specifics of Camp NaNo as applicable to me and make it into another post.

Indeed, Camp NaNo won't be nearly as exciting nor, hopefully, as exhausting as NaNoWriMo was. I have only set a goal of 35,000 words, mostly because I will be missing the 1st and the 2nd of July unless I can write during my college orientation, and because I am leaving for vacation on the 27th. Also, I have my 18th birthday on the 21st, but it's my party and I'll write if I want to (don't be surprised if that comes back as the title of a blog post on that day).

And*, since ROW80 failed to spur me on towards finishing the first draft of this novel, I shall not pick up a new project for Camp NaNo and instead I will endeavor to finish off the first, craptastic and incredibly messy, draft of A Modern Housewife. I am, however, considering making drastic changes to the plot already. Possibly out of boredom**.

Just to make things exciting, though, I am going to try to finish as quickly as possible, so don't be surprised if there are still posts of complete insanity. In addition, I'm making a concerted effort both to post more consistently here and review more often on Goodreads, even though I am starting to feel the strain of constantly asserting my opinion all over the Internet.

At some point, even I find it hard to care about my own opinions.

If that's not enough working-my-ass-off for you, feel free to suggest anything else writing or art related. I promise to consider it, attempt it with great gusto, and give up on it within a few days.

I'm starting to feel like I'm making a concerted effort not to allow myself to go outside at all this summer.

Anti-socially yours,


*I firmly defend my right to start off sentences with prepositions, conjunctions, and nonsense.
** Also, fragments.

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