Friday, June 28, 2013

Blobby Little Jellyfish

Well, I forgot already.

Turns out YESTERDAY was Thursday, and even though I spent the whole day at home playing Fallout and shortening my lifespan via Skittles intake, I didn't write a blog post like I just said I would.


I'm going to blame this, however, on the giant time black hole that is summer: where you think it might be sometime in the middle of June or possibly a couple weeks into July but really the only thing you know for certain is that it's the hot-time where the air is muggy and being without air conditioners makes you want to throw yourself into the middle of the raging thunderstorms that hit every afternoon.

I think we all have that sensation when our life suddenly loses structure and you go from waking up at the same time every morning before dawn to go to an institution of learning to waking up before dinner or maybe not at all*. It becomes immensely hard to keep track of days and weeks when there really isn't a reason to.

And while the part of me that is never quite caught up on sleep during the school year rejoices in the ability to sleep for sixteen hours without judgement, most of the time it's just sort of like being a blobby little jellyfish** in the ocean, adrift without meaning and powerless against the current of time spent playing mindless video games for hours on end***. Occasionally I look up through the water and realize that lazing around is really just time lost.

That's another added benefit of Camp NaNo. While I certainly won't just be writing all day (maybe I'll be productive, maybe I'll just play League), at least NaNo will give purpose to a whole chunk of time that would probably otherwise be wasted. While I will probably sleep way past a reasonable hour and stay up late enough that the owl hooting outside begins to sound like the harbinger of death, NaNo will make me keep track of the days as I frantically work to complete my 35,000 words before the clock strikes midnight on July 27th (I'm leaving on vacation).

So next Tuesday I will be coming home from my college orientation that I leave for on Sunday, and then the real fun begins. I'll probably quickly update you on the ~college experience~ before remembering that I'm already two days behind and freaking out.


Nervously yours,


*Just me?
**Just became the title of this blog post. Boom. That's how writing works, people.
***Do you think jellyfish play videogames?

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