Friday, November 23, 2012

here it comes

Here comes the dispensal of grammar and words that are actually words, dispensal is a word thank you Blogger spell check. I am officially 3,000ish words behind schedule because of a series of really busy days even though right now I can't remember what I did over any of them and I also can't remember where my legs are because long ago they were either replaced by or fused with this blanket. God I wish these words could count towards my NaNo words.

Anyway I wanted to finish earlier, by November 28th, because I bring HOLY CRAP COMMERCIAL OW. Pandora commercials are the worst; you shouldn't be allowed to interrupt the soothing tones of Simon and Garfunkel with your enthusiastic ad for Dance Central. I want to throttle that voice actress. Because I leave for Northeast festival the 28th and I'm not sure I'll have time to write, let alone catch up if I'm behind. But if I'm to finish in five days I'd need to almost write 5,000 words a day, which is totally made up and a blind guess because my brain is a giant hole of suck right now, but it's probably in that ballpark. You can imagine how my prose is going.

You know what, no, even Hall & Oates are not allowed to have a commercial on Pandora. Can I get an injunction going? What the hell is an injunction? I'd google it if I had the motor skills to work a mouse right now.

My brain is mush; why? Well, suspiciously structured sentence, I decided for some ungodly reason that going out not only at midnight on Black Friday but then staying up until 5 AM (oh yes, sleep is for the weak) and going out to a different mall for five hours. So I was up for about 26 hours straight, came home to take a nap, went through a dream black hole vortex that ate my brain function and made me wake up in three hours to a pounding head and phlegm all up in my throat tube, you're welcome for the image. All I wanted to do was go back to sleep, but I was forced to get up by the presiding anxiety that I didn't have a body and that three days had passed. Also, I was 5,000 words behind.

So now I'm sitting here with an aching head and owlish eyes and a father looking at me rather concernedly. In case you were wondering, I did shop fairly well at Black Friday and it was a lot of fun going with my friends, but holy balls, what was I thinking.

This seems to be a common trend.

What am I doing-ly yours,


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  1. That sounds awfully stressful. I imagine if you're gonna finish you're just going to have to put yourself in a cage and starve yourself and never go to sleep. In it to win it!!

    Hall and Oates yeah!!! Except I don't use Pandora. I should, though.

    Black Friday. Bah, consumerism.

    I enjoyed this post. I hope that doesn't sound like I'm enjoying your pain. But I enjoyed this post.