Monday, September 24, 2012

Introducing the Next American Classic

Now that you've met the cynical, desperately witty and extremely good looking author (oh yes, all true, would I lie to you), it's time to pitch the plot. I'm not one for 98 mile an hour confidence, despite my good looks, so I'm just going to lob it at you. Got your catcher's mitt? Ready for this baseball metaphor to end?

The. Modern. Housewife.

Whew. Mind-blowing, I know.

Luckily for all of my devoted readers, and the future of this blog, and my senior year transcript, the plot goes beyond the banal* title. I'm actually quite excited about this one, which means if I don't end up making it I'll be pretty embarrassed about this post.

In theory, The Modern Housewife will be told from the perspective of a mid-thirties female narrator. Usually I hate first person, but since I'm inexperienced in characterization of third person narrators and it's easier to develop a voice in the first person, I'm probably going to give it a whirl. 

In theory, it will explore the similarities between the overwhelmingly sexist messages pervasive in the fifties that forced women who had just broken into the workforce during WWII to become housewives and the bias against working moms and successful women that exists now; not quite so overtly in the overall media, but definitely in the Republican party and moderate crowd. 

In theory, because a treatise on that subject would be extremely dull and no one would ever want to read it, the novel will explore that theme by following Ms. Mid-Thirties Female Narrator as she struggles to get out of a terrible relationship, quit her job as a nanny/baby-sitter or whatever the politically correct term is, and realize her dreams of... something. Her dreams are a work in progress to me. Maybe work for a magazine. Maybe become a stripper. There's an ocean of exciting possibilities to fish in. And I've always wanted to write a stripper. 

Now that the annoying exposition is over, we can get down to the real fun. The late-night angst posts. The real-time liveblogging at school. The long existential crises I expect to arise as the deadline draws closer and my sanity dwindles.

It's going to be a fun ride. Get in the car.

Threateningly yours and with a shoutout to Zoe,


*But good as far as my titles go. I still shudder to think of "The Murder of John- or was it Jake?" Thank god that rots away harmlessly in my Stories folder**. 

** Do you prefer parentheses or asterisks? I always feel like too many parentheticals remove you from the reading experience but asterisks might be just as distracting and harder to follow. I just have too many tangentials to explore and not enough room. 

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